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Paperback:Mr Loverman / Bernardine Evaristo.:2013 Paperback Mr Loverman / Bernardine Evaristo.
Mr Loverman / Bernardine Evaristo.
Author: Evaristo, Bernardine, 1959-
Publication year: 2013
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780241145784 (pbk.) :
Extent: 306 pages ; 20 cm
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Barrington Jedidiah Walker is 74 and leads a double life. Born and bred in Antigua, he's lived in Hackney since the 60s. A flamboyant, wise-cracking local character with a dapper taste in retro suits and a fondness for quoting Shakespeare, Barrington is a husband, father and grandfather - but he is also secretly homosexual, lover to his great childhood friend, Morris. His deeply religious and disappointed wife, Carmel, thinks he sleeps with other women. When their marriage goes into meltdown, Barrington wants to divorce Carmel and live with Morris, but after a lifetime of fear and deception, will he manage to break away?

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I loved this book! Evaristo's writing is so engaging and easy to read, yet it carries almost a poetic rhythm to it that allows you to appreciate how well crafted a novel it is. All the characters in this book are deeply flawed and complex so while I laughed at Barry's outrageous commentary on his wife's friends in one moment, I was angered by his sexism and toxic masculinity in the next! His life partner Morris was my favourite character and while the novel explores some important themes of cultural and religious indoctrinated homophobia, racism, gender politics and gentrification, it does so with such a light touch and an abundance of humour, wrapping everything up in a very satisfying ending!
Carly Robinson

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